Five Keys To Sustained Personal Productivity

You don’t want to be one who is constantly learning, constantly reaching higher consciousness but never transforming it into productivity. No matter what life approach you have, conscious, spiritual or practical, productivity – transferring ideas from within into external realities, is the desired fulfillment. These five keys for sustained personal productivity will help you make the transfer.

Life Clarity

If you want to increase your productivity, increase clarity about what you want to produce in your life.

  • In your family relationships and environment
  • Your work objectives
  • Your personal development and desired accomplishments
  • Your social interactions and causes

This requires reflecting, thinking and developing ideas. It requires decision making. It will eliminate wasting time wandering through life. Take time to envision yourself living your dream life. Imagine vivid details. Then detail what you need to do to make the dream a reality. Enrich your details with purpose.

Your Outlook Impacts Productivity

Your outlook affects how you perform the tasks necessary to achieve your life goals. The higher thought of what your accomplishments mean is what motivates you past any initial challenges. For example:

  • Seeing family chores with higher consciousness, like not just cooking and cleaning, but nourishing our loved ones and providing a clean and orderly environment for comfort and interaction, boosts your willingness to do the work at hand.
  • Seeking out knowledge, understanding and higher consciousness about the plight of our environment encourages you to include actions/activities in your life to help make a difference and relieve the distress.
  • In our workplace, a consciousness of the overall business plan motivates productivity. Conscious concern for those you work with engenders an overall environment for unified productivity.

Be conscious of the thoughts and inner conversations that surround your work, they can either drain you or energize you. Choose higher, more positive views for increased energy and production.

Focused Energy

Focused energy keeps you aligned to do the tasks required to achieve your goals. Not busyness. It’s a calmer, more direct vibe that keeps you in motion and on track. The details of your plan can often get overwhelming as you figure out what to do when. You select what takes priority and what can come later. Focus on being thorough as you address each task. Focus on details, timing and follow through without over pressuring yourself.

Focus includes not allowing distractions to alter your daily course and eliminating distractions when they present themselves. You know how you begin your day with a plan and then one small distraction, like a phone call or something sensational on TV, pulls you away from your planned path? In my personal battle to stay focused, my favorite line is, ”NO! Stay Focused!” Until a task is done, a plan complete, we have to say no to distractions. It’s all about follow through and completion.

Unavoidable distractions are real. So, it is also important to return to focus after you address them. This is why a written daily plan is essential, or some type of notation of your goals that guides you, to refer back to, and help you get back on track.

Perhaps you work at home and you have to weave in and out of work and chores. Complete certain tasks before you change gears and come directly back to your detailed plan. Or maybe an emergency call pulls you from your work rhythm. When you return, refer back to your plan and pick up right where you left off. This will help you achieve results.

Results Increase Productivity

Produce results to feed your determination and reward your hard work. When you work and fulfill a desired result, you feel the joy of completion and it makes you want to do more. It gives you the confidence that you can realize your goals.

We all have to multi-task in our lives, but direct focus on one task is the quickest way to achieve a motivating result. Results are building blocks that keep us moving as we create our best life. Allow yourself to feel victorious about each result and infuse that spirit into the work ahead. Be sure to pace yourself though, to enjoy the journey.

Regenerate Your Journey

Productivity is a personal journey that must be regenerated. You have to take time to be still and take account of where you are. You can reflect on the progress you’ve made, make sure you are going in the purposed direction you set and determine if it is giving you the satisfaction and fulfillment you desire. Quiet, music, stories and nature are all ways to relax, unwind and reboot.

It all begins and flows with you being in touch with your inner self. Clarity, consciousness, focus and action drive productivity and empower you to create the meaningful life you desire. Personal productivity is not too complex for you to achieve, it only requires the consistent transfer of your ideas into tangible realities through belief, confidence, order, action, follow through and completion.

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How You Can Help Save The Environment

Don’t be too disheartened by the reports of how our environment is suffering. You can make a positive impact on the health of our environment. Express your love for the environment by using these simple and effective insights on how you can help save the environment.

Easy Yet Powerful

In a recent interview aired on CNN’s Amanpour, James and Suzy Cameron shared their insights on how the plant-based diet is the quickest way to make a difference to your health, your family’s health and the health of the environment.

According to research studies documented in Suzy Cameron’s new book, OMD, eating a plant-based diet is more effective against greenhouse gases than changing the car you drive. OMD stands for “one meal a day”, plant-based that is, which 1 person eating 1 plant-based meal per day for one year, saves 200,000 gallons of water and significantly reduces carbon imprint.

James Cameron pointed out how animal husbandry is the second largest sector causing greenhouse gases, climate change and deforestation. He encouraged individual action to help save the planet and be empowered by just eating one plant-based meal a day. He and his wife are leading by example.

Empowering Alternatives

Another person encouraging individual action is the CEO of the Israeli company, Soda Stream. Daniel Birnbaum is a skipper and ocean lover who organized clean up efforts for the ocean off the coast of Honduras. His target was plastic. A big floating plastic heap to be specific. He joined with ABBCO to build a 1000 ft net, used with ships at each end, to catch and remove the plastic.

He expressed astonishment that he and his employees from 45 states in the U.S. were only able to retrieve plastic refuse equal to 30 seconds of consumer plastic waste. 8 million tons of plastic waste are dumped in the oceans each year. So, his message is the power of your action to use reusable bottles, bamboo straws and reusable tote bags for groceries. His company sells machines that make healthy carbonated drinks using reusable bottles.

Be In Tune With Nature

A farmer in Kenya wanted to work with nature; even when it appeared nature was working against him. After working hard to plant and till his land, he was blessed with a bountiful harvest! Elephants came in the night and consumed almost all of it. He and his family were hungry for a long season. Rather than kill the elephants, the farmer chose a more natural solution for the next planting season. He used bees! Elephants cannot contend with bees. So, he raised beehives while he planted and tilled his land, and during harvest time, he surrounded his fields with the beehives. This time, when the elephants came in the night, they could smell and hear the bees and they turned and went away! So, the farmer and his family ate well from this bountiful harvest, without having to kill any elephants.

This is a lovely example of implementing solutions through seeking to work with the natural cycles of the environment; borne of your love for all the creations.


There are plenty of things you can do to improve the plight of our planet and help save our environment. Begin today to put these insights into action and feel free to share some of your own insights that are working for you.

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100% Bamboo Bedding

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How Tailored Actions Improve Your Life

You can always improve your life. Your life is unique. You have to get personal, abandon cookie cutter and discover how tailored actions improve your life. There is a clear process you can follow to be active in your own blossoming.


Be specific about how you want to improve your life. Not the “I just want to be a better person” generalization, but determine in which area of your life you want and need improvement the most. Clearly defining who you want to be and how you want to move forward directs your actions.

So if you pinpoint that you want better relationships in your life, that directs you to focus on learning how to build better relationships in your life and what actions to perform; like be less timid, be friendlier, etc., according to who you are.

Learn and Apply

Studying and learning about the clearly defined area you want to experience improvement in, is an essential step forward. It gives you the knowledge and understanding that energizes you to act. You will need this boost to leave your comfort zone, create new habits and secure your transformation.

You have to be sure not to get stuck in the learning mode though, because the point is to “apply” what you learn. You can have studied so much and know so much, but unless you actually do it, you won’t have the valuable experience that builds this into your character. It is the doing that makes it become more tangible, comfortable and helps you become more skillful with the improvement.

Creating Results

You work with yourself as you grow. It is ok to begin with small steps because any amount of action feeds more action. Sort of how our bodies crave health and movement. We begin with basic stretches, then that movement urges our body to do more. The more we do, the more our bodies become acclimated to its inherent need and desire to move and be healthy. The same applies to learning a new language. Just start, do and consistently build strength.

This doing, these actions you apply in your life bring forth results. Results feed your enthusiasm and faith to produce even more positive results. You then become locked into that productive cycle that is the improved you. It takes a strong belief in yourself to reach this point, but once you have arrived, you are in the realm of “knowing” and “being”.

I’m sure you have often wondered how some people stay so motivated in life. This process of defining how you want to improve, then learning what you need to know and consistently applying it to realize results, it is so energizing. Becoming who you want to be, motivates you to keep being and to continually improve.

So many people get stuck in the dream and the vision of who and what they want to be. Action is the only way to make the dream a reality. Overcoming fear and believing in your ability to grow catapults you into taking action to discover your intellect, strengths, and skill – to create you.

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How Will This New Safety Law Protect Us

Did you know there is a new U.S. safety law that is awaiting approval, called the Personal Care Products Safety Act. U.S. Senators Diane Feinstein and Susan Collins are looking out for our best interest in introducing this law aimed at giving the FDA authority to regulate the safety of beauty products. Are you safe from chemicals that alter our health and cause discomfort and disease?

Did you know that only color additives in personal care products are regulated; none of the other chemicals are? Senator Feinstein has been quoted as saying, “From shampoo to lotion, everyone -women, men and children- uses personal care products every day. Despite the universal use of these products, none of their ingredients have been independently evaluated for safety. This puts consumers at risk and we urgently need to update the nearly 80 year old safety rules”.

Further verification of this truth and the seriousness of it, is the fact that major cosmetic lines have incorporated natural and organic personal care products into their product lines, to hedge their profits. Can the two edge sword be trusted? Let’s just say it is a move in the right direction?

There are so many emerging, as well as, well founded companies who offer chemical free, all natural health care products, that rival and super cede the chemical laden, mainstream cosmetic lines. We should all at least investigate how these chemicals used in the personal care products that we use daily, are affecting our health and welfare. If we can get the same results of beauty and care using products that are safer for us, why not make the switch?

I made the switch some years ago when fibroid tumors debilitated me and I discovered that using natural personal care products would assist in detoxifying my body. This, along with cleansing my liver, assuring high nutrient intake, daily turmeric and adaptogen herbs and exercise, empowered me to naturally shrink those fibroids and avoid a serious operation.

The days of claiming that all natural products cost too much are over. Our consciousness is higher and the value of our health is the greater value. Not to mention, that with these safer products becoming more available, the costs are not as high. There are affordable natural products available to us.

Be safe. Be informed about your personal care and beauty.  You can enhance your beauty without altering your good health. Do you use natural personal care? Are you willing to make a positive change to safeguard your health? I want to hear your feelings on the subject.

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Ally Beauty and Health

We tend to believe our grooming and fashion choices determine our beauty impact. They allow us to manipulate the look we want to portray. However, what really effects our appearance is the state of our health. It is the major thing that affects our beauty, and we can become more beautiful by improving our health.

It’s All Relative

We experience this reality every day. Our skin is affected by the toxins in our blood; our eyes become dark and sunken when we have anemia; the outside of our eyebrows disappears when we have thyroid problems, and our general energy level and countenance are mirrors of both our health and beauty, in general.

So, improving our health is improving our beauty. For example, it isn’t enough to cover up our sickly skin tone with a thick base of makeup, we should revive our skin tone as we heal from within. Rather than put loads of grease, oil and gel on our lifeless hair, rev up our consumption of nutrients and healthy oils to repair our hair health and create body and shine.

Three areas of health that directly affect our beauty are aging, lack of sleep and inadequate exercise. Addressing these areas will help ramp up our beauty and prolong our lives.

Our Precious Sleep

While we sleep, we rejuvenate. We have to eliminate all factors that interfere with our precious sleep. Whether it is daily stress, a lifestyle that promotes retiring late and rising early, or eating, drinking, medicating or other lifestyle habits that rob our sleep, we should begin immediately to upgrade our ability to get adequate sleep.

Prevention magazine says it is “The habit that causes twice as many wrinkles.”

Also, according to research, it sorely affects our attractiveness when we are sleep deprived.

Beauty sleep is a real thing, according to researchers who have shown that people who miss out on sleep do appear less attractive to others.

Dr Gayle Brewer, a psychology expert at the University of Liverpool and member of the British Psychological Society, said: “Judgement of attractiveness is often unconscious, but we all do it, and we are able to pick up on even small cues like whether someone looks tired or unhealthy. “We want our partners to be attractive and energetic. “This study is a good reminder of how important sleep is to us.” (1)

So, let’s make getting a good night’s sleep one of our commitments to renewed health and beauty. That morning freshness will help us put an awesome beauty signature on our day.

Our Defining Exercise

While exercise is toning our muscles, improving our blood circulation, and oxygenating our body, it is creating radiance and that strong, fit look that is a superior beauty. Exercise determines the beauty of our skin, the form of the muscles in our arms legs and butts, our shapeliness and our posture.

“The more activity an individual engages in, the stronger and more durable the skeletal system becomes.” (2)

This translates into better posture.

“Exercise greatly increases the effectiveness by which the heart provides blood, and thereby oxygen and other vital nutrients, to all areas and tissues of the body.” (2)

We can enjoy dancing, yoga, walking, hiking, swimming and more, while feeding our health and beauty.

Our Essential Anti-Aging Efforts

Both sleep and exercise contribute to anti-aging, allowing our bodies to be repaired, restored and exhilarated. Another major contributor is consuming more anti-oxidants. Vitamins A, E, C, D, polyphenols and essential fatty acids.

Frequently researched antioxidants such as carotenoids, tocophenols and flavonoids, as well as vitamins (A, C, D and E), essential omega-3-fatty acids, some proteins and lactobacilli have been referred as agents capable of promoting skin health and beauty.” (3)

Red berries, grapes, turmeric and ginger are really hot polyphenols shown to support anti-aging.

Over the past years, several studies have found that foods rich in polyphenols protect against age-related disease, such as atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, cancer, arthritis, cataracts, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes (T2D), hypertension and Alzheimer’s disease. Resveratrol and pterostilbene, the polyphenol found in grape and blueberries, have beneficial effects as anti-aging compounds through modulating the hallmarks of aging, including oxidative damage, inflammation, telomere attrition and cell senescence.” (4)

Our health provides the strong roots to our beauty. No new fashion or makeup trend can have the strong impact on our beauty that renewed health can. Having health as our strong foundation gives us so much freedom to then enhance our beauty with our personal fashion choices.

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How to Cultivate Our Authentic Beauty

We are all blessed with authentic beauty from our birth. Our own unique smile, eyes, cheeks and body proportions. Staying true to our own personal beauty in a fashion trendy world, can sometimes be somewhat of a challenge. Have you ever wondered why? Let’s discover how to cultivate our authentic beauty.

Recognize Me

When we take time and make the effort to really look our best, even though we can see the confirmation in the mirror, we yearn for confirmation from others. Plenty of times I placed myself before loved ones, all dooteed up, just fishing for that compliment, wanting them to verify the fact. We all do it. It is natural to want others to recognize our beauty.

The cultivation comes when “knowing” our own beauty is enough. We have to see it and know it. There will be plenty of times when others don’t verify. They may be preoccupied, hesitant to compliment, or even jealous or hateful. You remember how as young kids, we were sometimes so hard on each other? It continues into adulthood. So, as much as we want others to confirm our beauty, when they don’t, it doesn’t diminish the beauty we know we see in the mirror. We have to be alright with that.

This is huge in this day of social media, pictures and likes. Put the picture up knowing, and not always just searching for the kudos. Put the picture up sharing our authentic beauty to uplift the beholders’ day. Rather than comparing our features with other peoples’ and seeking to conform, let’s embrace our differences; highlight them, and be hyped about our personal beauty.

Fitting In

Conforming and fitting into the beauty status quo is the norm. It is often hard to implement our personal brand of beauty because we want to fit into the modern norms; because this is often where the most recognition comes from. It takes a high level of self-love to be ourselves even when we don’t fit into the going trend.

Why not be a trailblazer for you, who you are, what you love; whether or not anyone follows or applauds. Self-love frees us to enjoy our choices. Being true to ourselves frees us to be satisfied with our style and not feel less than when we don’t alter ourselves or our beauty choices. Let me give some examples:

  • Skinny tight is all the craze now, but tight might be uncomfortable to you. It’s ok if your pants, dresses or shirts fit a little looser. As long as when you look in the mirror you are feeling good and it’s all falling in place for you.
  • Both men and women have taken to removing their eyebrows, opting for the more perfect etched in curve or brow replacement. You may love your eyebrows and not want to part with them. It’s ok to work with what you have and enhance rather than alter, whether it is your eyebrows, lashes or whatever.

Fitting in is not as important as the overall beauty we all bring to the whole when we share our unique personal beauty. This is how we nourish self-love, self-confidence and cultivate our authentic beauty.

Be Confident

We may not be as skilled at grooming our body and hair as we want to be. It can be a bit intimidating and cause us to reach out for help. We may ask friends, search online or consult beauty magazines. In order not to end up being someone else’s idea of beauty or a carbon copy, it is wise to begin our search for help with confidence in our own beauty. This allows us to sift through the advice and apply it in a more personal way.

It’s fun to discover hair and makeup tips that can help us enhance our beauty. It’s important to apply the tips in a way that matches our reality.

  • You’ve discovered some makeup tips that are gorgeous. However, sensitive skin and acne are your present reality. Don’t just forge ahead. Find a way to pamper your sensitive skin. Use personal care products and makeup designed for sensitive skin. No one will know the difference but you, and you will be healing your skin and looking great too!
  • Brand name hair supplies are supposed to grace everyone’s shelves; shampoos, dyes, conditioners and moisturizers; L’Oreal,, Dove, Pantene. The commercials say they enrich your hair with body and shine, yet, in reality, your hair is tired and thinning from the perms, dyes and assortment of chemicals. Be confident enough to address your personal needs and use hair care products with no chemicals, and comparable natural ingredients that will heal and beautify your hair.

So, we can seek out the advice and tips, making the necessary adjustments for them to actually help us within our personal parameters. No one knows us like we know ourselves, and we have to be confident to tailor their advice and tips.

Stay True

We should not feel we need to alter ourselves and our needs in order to be a reflection of beauty. Moving beyond our need to be recognized and fit in, strengthening self-love, self-confidence and self-nurturing is how to cultivate our authentic beauty and share it to complete the whole.

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