Five Keys To Sustained Personal Productivity

You don’t want to be one who is constantly learning, constantly reaching higher consciousness but never transforming it into productivity. No matter what life approach you have, conscious, spiritual or practical, productivity – transferring ideas from within into external realities, is the desired fulfillment. These five keys for sustained personal productivity will help you make the transfer.

Life Clarity

If you want to increase your productivity, increase clarity about what you want to produce in your life.

  • In your family relationships and environment
  • Your work objectives
  • Your personal development and desired accomplishments
  • Your social interactions and causes

This requires reflecting, thinking and developing ideas. It requires decision making. It will eliminate wasting time wandering through life. Take time to envision yourself living your dream life. Imagine vivid details. Then detail what you need to do to make the dream a reality. Enrich your details with purpose.

Your Outlook Impacts Productivity

Your outlook affects how you perform the tasks necessary to achieve your life goals. The higher thought of what your accomplishments mean is what motivates you past any initial challenges. For example:

  • Seeing family chores with higher consciousness, like not just cooking and cleaning, but nourishing our loved ones and providing a clean and orderly environment for comfort and interaction, boosts your willingness to do the work at hand.
  • Seeking out knowledge, understanding and higher consciousness about the plight of our environment encourages you to include actions/activities in your life to help make a difference and relieve the distress.
  • In our workplace, a consciousness of the overall business plan motivates productivity. Conscious concern for those you work with engenders an overall environment for unified productivity.

Be conscious of the thoughts and inner conversations that surround your work, they can either drain you or energize you. Choose higher, more positive views for increased energy and production.

Focused Energy

Focused energy keeps you aligned to do the tasks required to achieve your goals. Not busyness. It’s a calmer, more direct vibe that keeps you in motion and on track. The details of your plan can often get overwhelming as you figure out what to do when. You select what takes priority and what can come later. Focus on being thorough as you address each task. Focus on details, timing and follow through without over pressuring yourself.

Focus includes not allowing distractions to alter your daily course and eliminating distractions when they present themselves. You know how you begin your day with a plan and then one small distraction, like a phone call or something sensational on TV, pulls you away from your planned path? In my personal battle to stay focused, my favorite line is, ”NO! Stay Focused!” Until a task is done, a plan complete, we have to say no to distractions. It’s all about follow through and completion.

Unavoidable distractions are real. So, it is also important to return to focus after you address them. This is why a written daily plan is essential, or some type of notation of your goals that guides you, to refer back to, and help you get back on track.

Perhaps you work at home and you have to weave in and out of work and chores. Complete certain tasks before you change gears and come directly back to your detailed plan. Or maybe an emergency call pulls you from your work rhythm. When you return, refer back to your plan and pick up right where you left off. This will help you achieve results.

Results Increase Productivity

Produce results to feed your determination and reward your hard work. When you work and fulfill a desired result, you feel the joy of completion and it makes you want to do more. It gives you the confidence that you can realize your goals.

We all have to multi-task in our lives, but direct focus on one task is the quickest way to achieve a motivating result. Results are building blocks that keep us moving as we create our best life. Allow yourself to feel victorious about each result and infuse that spirit into the work ahead. Be sure to pace yourself though, to enjoy the journey.

Regenerate Your Journey

Productivity is a personal journey that must be regenerated. You have to take time to be still and take account of where you are. You can reflect on the progress you’ve made, make sure you are going in the purposed direction you set and determine if it is giving you the satisfaction and fulfillment you desire. Quiet, music, stories and nature are all ways to relax, unwind and reboot.

It all begins and flows with you being in touch with your inner self. Clarity, consciousness, focus and action drive productivity and empower you to create the meaningful life you desire. Personal productivity is not too complex for you to achieve, it only requires the consistent transfer of your ideas into tangible realities through belief, confidence, order, action, follow through and completion.

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