How Will This New Safety Law Protect Us

Did you know there is a new U.S. safety law that is awaiting approval, called the Personal Care Products Safety Act. U.S. Senators Diane Feinstein and Susan Collins are looking out for our best interest in introducing this law aimed at giving the FDA authority to regulate the safety of beauty products. Are you safe from chemicals that alter our health and cause discomfort and disease?

Did you know that only color additives in personal care products are regulated; none of the other chemicals are? Senator Feinstein has been quoted as saying, “From shampoo to lotion, everyone -women, men and children- uses personal care products every day. Despite the universal use of these products, none of their ingredients have been independently evaluated for safety. This puts consumers at risk and we urgently need to update the nearly 80 year old safety rules”.

Further verification of this truth and the seriousness of it, is the fact that major cosmetic lines have incorporated natural and organic personal care products into their product lines, to hedge their profits. Can the two edge sword be trusted? Let’s just say it is a move in the right direction?

There are so many emerging, as well as, well founded companies who offer chemical free, all natural health care products, that rival and super cede the chemical laden, mainstream cosmetic lines. We should all at least investigate how these chemicals used in the personal care products that we use daily, are affecting our health and welfare. If we can get the same results of beauty and care using products that are safer for us, why not make the switch?

I made the switch some years ago when fibroid tumors debilitated me and I discovered that using natural personal care products would assist in detoxifying my body. This, along with cleansing my liver, assuring high nutrient intake, daily turmeric and adaptogen herbs and exercise, empowered me to naturally shrink those fibroids and avoid a serious operation.

The days of claiming that all natural products cost too much are over. Our consciousness is higher and the value of our health is the greater value. Not to mention, that with these safer products becoming more available, the costs are not as high. There are affordable natural products available to us.

Be safe. Be informed about your personal care and beauty.  You can enhance your beauty without altering your good health. Do you use natural personal care? Are you willing to make a positive change to safeguard your health? I want to hear your feelings on the subject.

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