I provide quality writing in the form of blog posts, articles, email copywriting, website content and more. I can skillfully and creatively deliver your message to your readers. I adapt my tone to represent my client’s best interest. Find below links to my published writings.

Published Writings

telomeres anti-agingI published this anti-aging article at Nupathe Health and Medical Solutions



fresh veggiesI published these health articles when I was a Contributing Writer at skrewtips.com


A sample of my email copywriting skills is here.

The post below exhibits my ability to conduct interviews:
entrepreneur spiritHere is an interview with an entrepreneur and great mom featured at mompreneurs.com


My Online Presence

My Special Skills
Hebrew to English Translation
English Teacher
ESL Teacher

Satisfied Clients

Andrea would be a valuable asset to any writing team and I am certainly happy that she is on mine.  A wordsmith on a mission, she values the importance of the written word and knows that an effective message can only come about via precise wording.  Her work speaks for itself.  I highly recommend her.”
Jill Felix – Felix Administrative Service

“Thank you so much for the letter you professionally wrote. This is a perfect promotion letter that we will surely use to advertise our book.” Amos Redlich