How Tailored Actions Improve Your Life

You can always improve your life. Your life is unique. You have to get personal, abandon cookie cutter and discover how tailored actions improve your life. There is a clear process you can follow to be active in your own blossoming.


Be specific about how you want to improve your life. Not the “I just want to be a better person” generalization, but determine in which area of your life you want and need improvement the most. Clearly defining who you want to be and how you want to move forward directs your actions.

So if you pinpoint that you want better relationships in your life, that directs you to focus on learning how to build better relationships in your life and what actions to perform; like be less timid, be friendlier, etc., according to who you are.

Learn and Apply

Studying and learning about the clearly defined area you want to experience improvement in, is an essential step forward. It gives you the knowledge and understanding that energizes you to act. You will need this boost to leave your comfort zone, create new habits and secure your transformation.

You have to be sure not to get stuck in the learning mode though, because the point is to “apply” what you learn. You can have studied so much and know so much, but unless you actually do it, you won’t have the valuable experience that builds this into your character. It is the doing that makes it become more tangible, comfortable and helps you become more skillful with the improvement.

Creating Results

You work with yourself as you grow. It is ok to begin with small steps because any amount of action feeds more action. Sort of how our bodies crave health and movement. We begin with basic stretches, then that movement urges our body to do more. The more we do, the more our bodies become acclimated to its inherent need and desire to move and be healthy. The same applies to learning a new language. Just start, do and consistently build strength.

This doing, these actions you apply in your life bring forth results. Results feed your enthusiasm and faith to produce even more positive results. You then become locked into that productive cycle that is the improved you. It takes a strong belief in yourself to reach this point, but once you have arrived, you are in the realm of “knowing” and “being”.

I’m sure you have often wondered how some people stay so motivated in life. This process of defining how you want to improve, then learning what you need to know and consistently applying it to realize results, it is so energizing. Becoming who you want to be, motivates you to keep being and to continually improve.

So many people get stuck in the dream and the vision of who and what they want to be. Action is the only way to make the dream a reality. Overcoming fear and believing in your ability to grow catapults you into taking action to discover your intellect, strengths, and skill – to create you.

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