Andrea Phillips

Live Life Encouraged

Tired of feeling anxious, foggy-headed, and fatigued?

Frustrated by your bloated stomach, gas, or constipation?

Does poor sleep leave you feeling defeated and drained?

Do mood swings interfere with your relationships?

Take control of your health and wellness today!

You hold the key to a well lived life. 

Physical health is mental health. It is all connected. The way you nurture your body  impacts your brain function. You can heal your whole health.

As a licensed psychotherapist and certified holistic health and wellness coach, I specialize in nutrition and lifestyle changes. My programs are catered and curated to each individual; guiding people to integrate healthy habits for a balanced brain body connection.

Together, we will create a personalized plan to help you reach your health goals and improve your overall-well-being.

And as always…

Live Life Encouraged! 

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Your assessment of my health provided me with honesty and opened my eyes to see that I was the cause of my overeating and poor nutrition.  You showed me that I needed to be accountable and stop blaming everyone else. No one has ever confronted me with the truth, and it was really eye opening.  You helped reign in my thoughts and provided direction.  I look at your notes and suggestions every day.  Thank you


When I first met Andrea I was a bit of a mess. I was uniquely unhappy with my life and wasn't sure how to change it. Andrea helped me rediscover the things I loved about life and helped me navigate my way back to happiness. She helped me emotionally and by helping me discover better ways to take care of myself physically either through food or self care. I am eternally grateful and would highly recommend her services to anyone. 

I really love her newsletters too! I love the recipes and helpful advice to keep me going strong. 


Andrea was recommended to me as a health Coach by a good friend. I had severe digestive issues that completely zapped my energy. I went to see several doctors over 18 months time with no improvement. After my first consultation with Andrea, she diagnosed the origin of my problem and how to make the changes I required to get back to being healthy. I’m back to being healthy and energetic. Now I’m highly recommending Andrea to friends as a health Coach.

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